The reason of good to start a lesson on June 6th, in Japan



The rainy season has arrived in Tokyo. This time of year is called “芒種 (BOUSHU)”. In the ancient Japanese calendar which is divided into 72 different seasons.

This expresses the time to sow the seeds of plants like wheat and/or oats. 芒(BOU) means plants like wheat or oats.

In the meantime, it is said to be good that to start some learning in June 6th, when you are 6-years-old.

That’s why in case of you count on your fingers the little finger comes to “6”, and with this thing the child (the little finger is called “child finger” in Japanese) stands on with being 6.

So during this season, staying at home increases around so the thought is how about starting something on your to do list and/or open the door to learn something new and enriching even you are not 6-year-old.

(photo) by Pinterest



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